Ricki Xie
Ricki Xie
User Experience, Interaction Design

Driven by curiosity, empathy, and diversity, I am an interdisciplinary designer who enjoys solving complex problems and crafting a holistically compelling experience aligning people's needs, technology strengths, and business strategies.

Over the past three years, I had the opportunity to work on exciting projects with a variety of teams and people such as educators, industry professionals, non-profit organizations and start-ups. I helped architect the technology landscape for a Fortune 500 company, developed educational technologies to improve STEM curriculum, created an application to improve access to housing for people experiencing homelessness, and implemented an affordable bike tracking system to deter bike theft.

During my spare time, I post interesting things about Harry Potter, data culture and interaction design on medium and twitter.  I am building my music library in the format of journal (see below if you are curious of what I am currently listening to).

I am also a podcast nerd. Here are the some of my favorite recent episodes of podcasts (Overcast rules!):

If you are interested in talking to me about my work , please contact me here