September 2014 - April 2015

Project Scope

Product Development, Marketing Research, Web Design, User Experience Design


Daniel Chao, Austin Jeffries , Reed Kinning, Keshav Mathur, Dave Sescleifer, Akhil Sundararajan,  


Design and User Experience Lead



University Promotion video



Bike theft is a rampant problem on college campuses. While bike lockers provide users with high security, it also imposes greater capacity and cost restrictions. Additionally, the low compliance rate with local registration policy hidden the process for law enforcement to recover stolen bike.The project developed an internet-of-thing based solution that enabled biker to track their bike in real-time via their device. 

The project was featured on the UW-Madison News, and Milwaukee Journal Sentinel



To understand our target market, we conducted marketing research with 70 bikers around the US, and interviews with local police officers and bike retailers. We discovered that the lack of a unique link to the owner of the bike was a deterrent to the recovery process. We also saw the absence of a reliable security system for the bikes at the racks. By analyzing the problem from the perspectives of the different stakeholders (user, law enforcement, bike retailers) while evaluating various technology capabilities, we decided to develop a two-way system: a blue-tooth based tracker on the bike and reader on the rack. To track the bike, the user would access their bike log from the web interface.


Interaction Model

We mapped out the user workflow to understand the infrastructure and interface need. I then mocked up both the iOS and the Web interface using Balsamiq. 



The final design was developed with the following functionalities:

  1. The left side panel allows the user quickly navigate between different bikes

  2. The main panel shows recent activities of the selected bike

  3. The right panel lets user see the bike’s current location, report theft incident, and view all notifications