I also experiment with design and development through personal projects and hackathons.


Hackathon: A robot's point of view (VR)

Spring 2016

Working with a group of wonder women, I learnt how to program with unity and created a VR project that work with HTC Vive under 10 hours. The protagonist can interact with objects (e.g.: listening to the radio and reading the newspaper about the passing of Robot Equality Act) in a room to experience the future life of a robot. 

Resources | Video Demo 1


Hackathon: WiscCollab

Spring 2015

Working with three students from both business school and computer science, I designed WiscCollab, a platform where the students, professors, and academic staff can find others on campus who share the same interests and have a desired skill set in order to collaborate and further research, business development and implement startups. 

Demo | GitHub | Pitch Deck


Interactive Fiction: WiscAlert

Spring 2014

I made a Zombie Apocalypse theme game powered by Twine in a team of four. Situated in UW-Madison, the player navigates through the campus, collect items, and solve series of puzzles in order to survive. Inspired by Ernest Clines' Ready Player One's obsession with 1980s pop culture, the story was a collage of popular Zombie videogame, fictions and movies.

GitHub | Play 


Design Fiction: Anonymous Vs. NSA (Remix Video)

Fall 2014

To critique and analyze the debate between surveillance and national security, the project created a futuristic scenario based on the tension between the Internet grassroots organization Anonymous and National Security Agency. In a group of three, we used the form of remix video with clips from Sci-fi movies and television shows, documentaries and news accompanied with our own narration and graphics. The video depicted a scenario where the government has total surveillance of its citizens by tracking their online presence. Hacktivists and members of the group Anonymous are specifically being targeted due to their resistance to governmental control and attempts to perpetuate online anonymity. The project approach the issue from the perspective of power and ethics, illustrating existing events and key persons (e.g.: Jeremy Hammond; Edward Snowden) as well as examining the trade-off between surveillance, personal privacy and community security. 

Remix Video | Script