The Vera Project

Rebranding Seattle's popular all-ages music venue.



Jan - March 2016


Design 598 Visual Communication Design Fundemental for HCI

My Role

Identity Design, Responsive Design, Logo Design

Photo Credits

Patrick Richard Wright and Marcy Stone-Francois



About the Client

Founded in 2001, The Vera Project (VERA) is an all-ages music and arts venue based in Seattle. VERA provides the space and resources to engage the youth to participate in creating music and art. VERA offers education program such as audio engineering, screen printing and music journalism. By taking part in the organization as volunteers and committee members, youth gains experience in Vera that allows them to continue and start their creative projects in the industry.


Brand Attributes


Inclusiveness  Community-driven, youth-centered, volunteer-fueled. VERA engages people from the community to promote artistic experiment and showcase music and arts.

Experimental VERA offers both professional development and experimental education environment with industry-standard technology in opportunities such as managing concert and audio engineering training.

Youth VERA was founded with a mission to bring music and art to people of all ages. The majority of the music venue are restricted to individuals who are over 21. VERA addressed this issue by bringing both local and national artists to the youth community, in particular for the youth between 14 to 24.


Visual Design System

Brand Mark


To represent VERA and its identity, this mark is the abstract representation of the word “VERA” in the form of audio engineering tool. The rounded geometric shape also represents the inclusiveness aspect of the brand. The mark is pair with a geometric sans-serif typeface Soleil with larger x-height to bring both dynamic and modernism to the brand.


Color and Typographic System

Typographic System

Choosing the right typeface helps convey VERA’s identity effectively. Rather than using the same typeface with the logo design to complement the geometric design, the sans-serif typographic system improves the legibility and readability of the messages. The contrast of type width between Mission Gothic and HK Grotesk creates dynamics in design while still maintaining its balance.

Brand Colors

This color scheme to provide sophistication in the design. The dark blue color shows confidence, harmony, and stability in the organization while the complementary orange and yellow represent the excitement and energy that the organization brings to its members.

Across all channels, the logo should only be used with the BLUE on a light background or WHITE when on a dark background. Only use orange and yellow as a highlight color.

Example usages of the visual design system.

Example usages of the visual design system.


Responsive Design

I also created a responsive design for VERA's official website to demonstrate the use of the visual design system in other forms of interaction. 

The video below showed an example of the desktop website landing page mocks up for The Vera Project. The example includes essential information such as introduction to the organization and overview of the show calendar, as well as a quote from the “Vera Stories”, a series of stories told by the past and current Vera members. This shows the inclusiveness and community-driven quality of the organization. 

Additionally,  an example of the rebrand “About” page was shown. The new design simplified the original design with a more visual representation of the information, as well as a dedicated session for the “vera stories” to showcase the community behind Vera and the positive impact on its members.

Adopting responsive design's practice, the mobile version of the design was also developed.


Stationery Suites

Similarity, the same visual design system was used in for print medium.