A mobile application that promotes a mindful lifestyle and positive personal relationship for working professionals. 

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Nov 2015, Facebook Women's Hackathon


Monica Caraway, Shilpa Gupta, Tanu Khandelwal, Yuan Zhuang

Key Activities

Ideation, literature review, competitive analysis, affinity mapping, persona, interaction design, rapid digital prototyping

My Role

Visual Design, Interaction Design, Prototyper


As part of 16-hour Facebook Seattle Women Hackathon, I joined four other fellow UW students in designing an interactive mobile prototype that coaches working professionals achieve work-life balance. In addition to participating in the secondary research and ideation activities, I was responsible for creating the final prototype using Sketch and InVision.


Core Features


1. Personalized Goal-Setting And Activity Coaching

Everyone is unique. Based on the individuals' needs, the users can choose a set of goals from a list of categories, and the application will recommend relevant activities that might be the best fit for them based on their health and relationship state.


2. Evidence-Based Tips And Tricks 

Poor work-life balance can affect a person's satisfaction and performance on their job as well as during life events. Our application will provide tips and tricks to coach the users about different activities based on research from behavioral scientists and health organizations.


3. Visualize Your Progress

The users can see their progress and earn badges as they continue to develop healthy rituals for different goals. This helps the users to keep track of their efforts and motivates them to continue working on their habits regularly.


4. Intelligent Reminders

The system will learn about the user's behavior based on their interactions with the app as well as imported calendar event to remind the users to continue their activities. The users will gradually develop the rituals in their lives with little hassle.